Links We Love Friday (W47 Y15)


The Hardest Working Person At Silicon Valley’s Most Important Startup Isn’t a Person

At GitHub, inside an online chat service, you’ll find the future of work . His name his Hubot. You’ll meet him soon.

Cap Watkins on Svbtle

The Ownership Problem

When I was starting out as a designer, I had a pretty big chip on my shoulder about how my job was perceived. At that point in time, the design community was, seemingly as a whole, pushing back on the idea that designers just make things look nice. 


The Emergence of New Business Models from Autonomous Driving

As autonomous mobility transforms the ecosystem, all major stakeholders need to re-assess their business strategies to strengthen their core competence to meet the dynamic future needs.

User research @

Labs are about people, not technology

If you’re thinking about building a user research lab, here are some important things you should think about and do. And it’s not about tech. Where are the people?Because I researched and de


Video: Product = People by Nilan Peiris – MindTheProduct

TransferWise is famous for it’s founders, evangelical customers and phenomenal growth – they’re transferring over £500m every month and doubling every 3 months. But what’s the common thread between those three things?

User research @

Getting your whole team involved in Discovery

Discovery research as a team sportIn the service manual team, our mission is to provide ‘better guidance for teams creating government services’.During our recent discovery phase we wanted t

Twitter Blogs

The what and why of product experimentation at Twitter | Twitter Blogs

We introduce the experimentation cycle, and discuss the role experimentation plays in decision-making and innovation.


Google Offers Up Its Entire Machine Learning Library as Open-Source Software

There are a lot of open-source machine learning tools out there, but Google offers something extra: accessibility.

NY Times

IBM’s Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares

IBM, like many established companies, is confronting the relentless advance of digital technology. For these companies, the question is: Can you grow in the new businesses faster than your older, lucrative businesses decline?

The Zapier Blog

Get Better Customer Insights: How Anthropology Can Guide Product Design

“The kitchen of the future” has been a buzzword for decades. In 1956, General Motors debuted the “Kitchen of Tomorrow,” both as product placement and an attempt to imagine how technology could transform routine daily tasks like cooking.

Deloitte University Press

Tech Trends 2015, API economy

Application programming interfaces can extend the reach of an organization’s core assets, allowing them to be shared, reused, or even resold


Good UX Is Good Business: How To Reap Its Benefits

Good user experience design is critical for modern organizations, but most companies focus on their own needs — not their end users’ needs.

and the prototype tool tip of the month…


Introducing Silver : Lightweight Mobile Prototyping in Sketch 3

 A combination of an iOS app, a Mac app, and a Sketch Plugin that seamlessly communicate with each other to make your mobile design process as smooth as possible.