Links We Love Friday (W50 Y15)


Your App Startup is Dead. Long Live Your App Startup.

A Response to Fred Wilson

Crisp’s Blog

Scaling Agile (but not in the way you think…)

Having a team that needs to develop and maintain several products results in a multitude of problems. Some are easy, some are harder.

McKinsey Quarterly

Agility lessons from utilities

The industry faces pressure on its core businesses and unexpected digital competition. Evaluating the external environment and making bets more quickly will be decisive for incumbents.

McKinsey Quarterly

Agility: It rhymes with stability

Companies can become more agile by designing their organizations both to drive speed and create stability.


Facebook Open Sources Its AI Hardware as It Races Google

In the race to attract ever more talent and hasten the development of AI, Facebook open sources Big Sur.

Deloitte University Press

Beyond bitcoin: Blockchain is coming to disrupt your industry

Blockchain technology can potentially make a great many things more secure and accountable: financial transactions, micropayments, IoT application

Technology Science

Who Knows What About Me? A Survey of Behind the Scenes Personal Data Sharing to Third Parties by Mobile Apps – Technology Science

We tested 110 popular free Android and iOS apps and found 73% of Android apps shared personal info such as a user’s email addresses and 47% of iOS apps shared geo-coordinates with third parties.


It-ledere bliver koblet af den digitale transformation | Version2

Ja, ja, det er den tid af året, hvor man læser de mange artikler om, hvad der er it-chefernes agenda for det nye år. Og der er mange – sikkert gode – bud på dette.


16 lessons on scaling from Eric Schmidt, Reid Hoffman, Marissa Mayer, Brian Chesky, Diane Greene…

Notes from CS183C: Technology-enabled Blitzscaling — Stanford University, Fall 2015

Harvard Business Review

How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

Their impact on the value chain and organizational structure. The second in a two-part series.

Atlassian, Slack, and the promise of ChatOps

The consumerization of enterprise IT is entering an exciting new phase. The process of bringing consumer-inspired technologies into the workplace has been accelerated by the spread of smartphones and tablets imported by employees fed up with antediluvian office tec

Driving Digital Transformation: The Evolving Role of a CIO

CIOs are faced with new opportunities to grasp and new challenges to overcome. It’s is now the time for CIO’s to rethink their role.

The rise of the Chief Digital Officer | Deloitte Digital Canada

As rapidly evolving digital technologies continue to alter the business landscape, a new and important executive is moving into the C-suite neighbourhood: the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Harvard Business Review

Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

Four ways bosses can create them

Design In Tech Report 2015

Design has become a game changer in Silicon Valley. In his inaugural #DesignInTech Report, John Maeda highlights the rising importance of design in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Air Mozilla

Optimizing for Uncertainty 

(Video) Mike Arauz will share how leading tech and product organizations are not simply adapting to increased change, but innovating and thriving in these dynamic environments by

Scrum on steroids: a Holacracy development process

We Are Spindel adopted Holacracy and learned a lot of new methods which made the development process better. 

Ny rapport: Tingenes internet udfordrer dansk erhvervsliv

Ny dansk rapport om Internet of Things (IoT) har som den første undersøgt IoT-paratheden blandt nogle af landets største virksomheder.