Links We Love Friday (W51 Y15)


Verne Harnish

5 Key Business Trends to Master in 2016

The waves of change are constant, but if you ride them right, your business can profit.


Why you shouldn’t bother creating a mobile app. — Inside Birdly

Lessons learned spending one year creating and improving our mobile app.


From the Founder: Trends That Creative Business Need To Leverage

PSFK Labs releases a new report to help businesses and creative individuals navigate future trends


Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar AI Plan Is About Far More Than Saving the World

There are more forces at work in the creation of OpenAI than just the possibility of super-human intelligence taking over the world

Going from fragile to agile

Why do companies need to be more nimble? McKinsey’s Aaron De Smet and Chris Gagnon explain what’s driving organizational agility, why it matters, and what to do. A McKinsey & Company article. (13KB)

The Secret to Building a Startup Culture that Lasts

While many of the pressures startups experience are unavoidable, the way leaders and employees handle them can change to help limit turnover and improve overall job satisfaction.

Learning by Shipping

Steven Sinofsky

“Hallway Debates”: A 2016 Product Manager Discussion Guide

When it comes to innovation and roadmaps there’s nothing special about the start of a new calendar year other than a convenient time to checkpoint the past year and to regroup for the next.

The State of UX in 2016

We have seen enough content this year to be able to start identifying patterns and trends across what’s being published in the amazing world of UX Design. 

O’Reilly Media

The current state of machine intelligence 2.0

Autonomous systems and focused startups among major changes seen in past year.