In todays market having a digital strategy is not enough. You need to be able to do strategic digitalization as well.




Socialsquare is the development and consulting firm of the future. A firm where open, agile and entrepreneurial development methods are keywords, as well as user involvement, open source, community-building and development of digital skills and digital organizations.

We deliver

Digital products and services

We build the right digital products and services correctly – and we ensure that they work right for those who need them.
We identify opportunities and needs. We work agilely and we design, develop, launch and operate products in relation to UX, design, construction and infrastructure. We build APIs, software and hardware in reusable technology. Furthermore, we ensure that everything is validated by those who will be using it.

Digital Organisations

We build the necessary digital skills and tools so the organization can do it on its own.
We uncover the level of digital readiness together with options and possibilities. We develop visions, strategies, business models and workflows in close cooperation with our customers. We help the customer create new business models based on communities of customers, competitors and partners. We develop skills through training programs, so the customer’s organization can build and operate digital products on its own.

To develop the right products and services the right way – for the right people – requires an exceptional organization. We are:


Magnus Christensson

Managing Partner

Kræn Hansen


Martin Sønderlev Christensen


Christian Høeg


Marie-Louise Skjølstrup

Advisor and Service Designer

Malthe Jørgensen

Advisor and developer

Sandra Cliff

Communication and administration

Jens Christian Hillerup

Advisor and developer

Kristoffer Dorph

Advisor and developer

Mads Lundt

Advisor and developer

Markus Færvang

Advisor and developer

Maja Trolle

Marketing and Communication

Tobias Munk

Advisor and developer

Simon Carstensen

Advisor and developer

Kasper Andreassen

Advisor and developer

Simon Altschuler

Advisor and developer

Paweł Bielecki

Advisor and developer

Andreas Larsen

Advisor and developer

Viktor Andersen

Advisor and developer


We are always looking for passionate colleagues.

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Who helps you move your digital organization from A to B?

Socialsquare builds products and enable organizations to deliver better digitalization, more efficiently.

We are doing open source development for the City of Copenhagen’s I Bike CPH project

Copenhagen Municipality

We are developing Open Source in 'I Bike CPH' and 'Supercykelstier' for Copenhagen municipality and the Capital Region of Denmark

Give and take

We are engaged in a three -year EU project, where we develop a product-sharing service for elders.


We develop global learning platforms and make strategic digitalisation of ActionAid

Danish Cultural Heritage

We develop the website Danish cultural heritage for DR.

Verellen, mobile

We develop mobile-friendly websites for Danish and international companies.

The Royal Library, open source strategy

We advise on - and facilitate the development of - open source strategies in collaboration with board of directors, management and employees.

ROKOKO, electronic 3D motion capture system

We develop software and hardware consisting of a coverall with an accelerometer accelerometer on every body joint, which provides relevant data to Unity 3D using open source components such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and UDOO boards.


We invest in new venture companies and entrepreneurial businesses, which has the potential to live on their own. Among others AIRTAME, which was originally a development project in-house, but later obtained $1.26 million in crowdfunding as an independent company.

National Museum of Denmark

We develop on 'The Digital Freedom Museum' including motive tagging and geotagging on online collections.

Socialsquare merged with BIT BLUEPRINT in the beginning of 2015 to continue under the name Socialsquare. Together with the ambition to help customers effectively take their digital strategies further, so they become strategic digitalizations of products and organizations.


Socialsquare has 10 years of experience in helping organizations transform themselves and create value in a digital and social market. We are one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in the digital transformation of products and the development of digital skills in organizations.


BIT BLUEPRINT has in recent years put open source and agile development on the map, and has more than anyone else shown, how digital products and services should be developed when they are developed right. A company that not only uses open source – but also contributes and creates communities around code and data.